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Monasteries as seminar sites

"Why," I was asked, "do you do seminars in monasteries? You're not Catholic, but some of the monasteries where you teach are."

The denomination, even the religion are an invitation, but not an exclusion. The monasteries: Maria Kirchental, Michaelbeuern and the Marienheim in Grünau am Almsee, but also the evangelical spiritual center on Schwanberg and St. Martin in Munich - they all have in common that these places have an indescribably heartfelt charisma. You can really relax there. In switching off from everyday life and everyday tasks, the soul returns to a special calm. Monasteries are often built in places that already had a strong charisma before the first construction work centuries ago, have geologically interesting surroundings or were perceived as places of power. I don't even want to put into words what it is that draws me there personally. I enjoy the environment and invite you to be there when we meditate there in a group, when focused silence contributes to concentration in the courses and drawings are created.

"They are special places," I replied, "that alone is enough to spend time there." Of course, I myself still have a very personal, deep connection to monastery life and the contemplations and meditations that have shaped the rooms there for centuries - but that's only important to me. All resting line seminars are non-denominational and for those who are looking for a soul who want to see things anew in peace and then learn to draw and practice. Is that enough of an answer? I don't know, but it's an attempt. Be welcome!

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