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From September there will be again

This is an hour of meditating and drawing together online - to stay in practice or just to be new without obligation and to get to know my meditative drawing.

Appointments every Wednesday from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m.: 
Feb 1st
March 1st
April 5th
new also on May 3rd

Text me here, if you want to be with us. I will send you the zoom link and there will be a short appointment reminder by email beforehand.

In presence at seminars in particularly beautiful places we can switch off from everyday life. Through the loving devotion to seeing and drawing, everyone keeps discovering new things around and within themselves.

With online courses, there is actually closeness across the physical separation. At the same time, meditating in the comfort of your own home brings the participants together mentally.

Gratitude and relaxation unfold.


No previous knowledge is required for the courses, either for meditating or for drawing. Those who are already experienced will discover new aspects of their own perception and representation of what they see.

All seminars are structured in such a way that they are valuable for new participants as well as for repetition of previous participation. Being there again and again in different places brings renewed practice in meditative drawing.


You're welcome!

Courses in monasteries and special places

Why actually in monasteries meditate  and draw?
learn more about it here !

Experience tranquility in Marienheim Grünau
near Almsee 

January 27 - 31

Retreat at the beginning of the year to recharge your batteries in quiet surroundings

Meditatives Zeichnen
Meditate and draw for a day in the middle of Rosenheim

March 11

Enjoy a day of mindfulness at the Bildungswerk Rosenheim

Meditatives Zeichnen
Up to the Hochries for a combination course with Paul Freh

April 22-23

Sing, meditate and draw in the Hochrieshütte

Ausblick von der Hochries
Mindfulness in Marienheim Grünau
near Almsee 

June 23 - 27

Follow the course of the stream and enjoy the peace and quiet in the sun in Grünau

Meditatives Zeichnen
Drawing mountain worlds in Maria Kirchental
at Lofer 

August 1 - 6

The mountains surround us and we enjoy the tranquility of the forest

Meditatives Zeichnen
Rest and time on the Schwanberg
near Würzburg

August 25 - 27

Come to rest in the spiritual center and draw meditatively

Meditatives Zeichnen
Enjoy mountain peace in Maria Kirchental
at Lofer 

February 18 - 21

Get away from everyday life and into the wintry tranquility of the Lofer mountains

Meditatives Zeichnen
A day of rest in St. Martin
in the middle of Munich

April 1st

One day switch off in the spiritual center of St. Martin in der Au

Meditatives Zeichnen
Pentecost meditative in Michaelbeuern 
in Alpenvorland 

May 26 - 29

Enjoy early summer views in the province of Salzburg

Meditatives Zeichnen
Summer meditation in Michaelbeuern
in the foothills of the Alps 

July 14 - 16

Draw in the shady monastery courtyard and on the surrounding meadows

Meditatives Zeichnen
Get inspired at the academy of EigenArt in Bad Heilbrunn

August 15 (Holiday)

Enjoy the creative environment of the garden and studios

Meditatives Zeichnen
Up to the Hochries for a combination course with Paul Freh

October 14-15

Sing, meditate and draw in the Hochrieshütte


It often happens that in addition to the courses in meditative drawing, the desire arises to deepen THE PURE DRAWING itself. 

I also give face-to-face courses at the Munich adult education center and you can find the overview below in the pdf for download.

I also teach individual lessons as well as up to 4 people in pure drawing as an online course. We arrange the dates individually so that you can reach your destination and, if you want, bring your friends with you.

Write to me hereYour desired date and your goal - you need a folder to apply for a creative Education? Do you want to draw holiday diary? Das we will make it!

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