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As a child, I sat with my father in front of castles or mountain huts and we drew.

You have to look closely - first see, then draw!  

I heard and so we perceived the world around us anew for hours by drawing without speaking.

Meditatives Zeichnen

My name is Brigitte Schneider and I have also been working as a freelance artist since my training as a designer. Over all the years of previous permanent employment in various companies and positions, I have continued to run my studio for my own creative freedom.

Professionally, drawing is my tool for the concept development of new products.

But drawing is also much more: similar to meditating, I can immerse myself in drawing and am also deeply relaxed.

For many years, meditation has been my balance to high professional demands with fast time sequences.

Combining silent meditation with drawing is the obvious consequence. It doesn't matter whether you're at home or on the go, outdoors or indoors - be still and look at it so that you can then recognize details in the drawing that you weren't even aware of before.  

It is confirmed to me and the participants in my courses that meditative drawing relaxes and frees the mind at the same time. Value-free meditation transitions into flowing drawing. The drawing itself is the goal.  

How children curiously draw over paper with a pen and are happy about it. that joy  give back to the participant  is my motivation to teach meditative drawing.

I live in the south of Bavaria or, to be more precise, on the northern edge of the Alps and I'm out and about in nature a lot - always with a pen and sketchbook. from here  I start out at the beautiful places where the seminars take place or to forays into the area.

Write me if you want to know more about the courses, meditation, drawing - thank you!

Meditatives Zeichnen
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